New Institutionalism - 19th Workshop Jena 2024


We would like to build up a comprehensive overview of relevant literature. We are reliant on your help for: additions to the list and reviews of the books and articles. If you would like to contribute to building up the “library“, please send an email to Georg Krücken, Renate Meyer or Peter Walgenbach.
Institutions Inc. (3/7/16)
Weik, E., and Walgenbach, P. (eds.), Institutions Inc., Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2016. more...
Institutional Work Is Hard to Do (2/17/13)
Keynote speech by Barbara Czarniawska March 14th, 9th Workshop Warsaw 2013 more...
New Book by Ann Westenholz (ed.) (8/1/12)
Ann Westenholz (ed.): The Janus face of commercial Open Source Software communities. An investigation into institutional (non) work by interacting institutional actors. Copenhagen Business School Press 2012.

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