New Institutionalism - 19th Workshop Jena 2024
18th Workshop on New Institutionalism (NIW)

We are pleased to announce that the 18th Workshop will be hosting two, excellent keynote speakers.
For the opening session - prof. Roy Suddaby
For the closing session - prof. Mikołaj Pawlak

  • Roy Suddaby is the Winspear Chair of Management at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Carson College of Business at Washington State University, USA and Professor of Organization Theory at the Liverpool University Management School at the University of Liverpool, UK.  Professor Suddaby is an internationally regarded scholar of organizational theory and institutional change. His work has contributed to our understanding of the critical role of symbolic resources – legitimacy, authenticity, identity and history – in processes of entrepreneurial change and innovation. His current research examines the rhetorical use of the past to mobilize resources for entrepreneurial change. 
  • Mikołaj Pawlak is associate professor of sociology at the University of Warsaw, where he heads the Chair of Sociology of Norms, Deviance and Social Control. He is also a Vice-President of the Polish Sociological Association. Mikołaj Pawlak’s research interests cover new institutional theory, migration studies, sociology of knowledge/ignorance, and failure studies. In the book he recently co-authored ‘Ignorance and Change’ he analyzes the refugee crisis from the perspective of ignorance studies. In his previous book ‘Tying Micro and Macro’ he critically discusses the thesis on the sociological vacuum and presents it in the context of the debate on the micro- and macro-levels in sociological theory. He is a co-editor of the ‘Routledge International Handbook of Failure’ (to be published in November 2022) which institutionalizes failure studies as a new area of critical research.

We believe that the opportunity to meet and discuss with these two fantastic scholars is an additional motivator to participating in our workshop. We are waiting for your abstracts!