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Call for Papers on a Special Issue in Organization Studies

Enhancing Organizations Research Involving Meaning and Culture Using Computational Text and Image Analyses

Guest Editors:
Jan Goldenstein, Dennis Jancsary, Stine Grodal, Bernard Forgues, P. Devereaux Jennings

Submission deadline:
June 1st, 2022

Over the past decade, organization scholars have approached meaning, materiality, identity, and cultural situatedness from a variety of theoretical perspectives. These endeavors have led to a much better understanding of the micro- and macro-dynamics within and across these domains, as well as more contextualized organization theories and refined inductive research approaches. Yet, the study of meaning and culture poses methodological challenges as meanings and culture are complex, multifaceted, and dynamic. Luckily, recent advances in our ability to curate and tame large and/or complex data with computational text and image analysis have opened new possibilities for enhancing our understanding of these domains. These advances afford organization scholars new opportunities to explore the depths of organizational life and to capture it on a wider scale. They offer powerful techniques for detailing and analyzing textual and visual artifacts with inductive, abductive, and deductive research strategies to enhance novel theorizations. In this Special Issue call, we invite organization scholars interested in meaning, materiality, identity, and/or cultural situatedness to submit qualitative and quantitative empirical papers showcasing how computational analytics with large and/or complex data push organization theories forward in these areas. We are open for submissions which expand the boundary of current applications to showcase how computational text and image analyses can be used to both analyze and display data in novel ways.