New Institutionalism - 17th Workshop Madrid 2021
EGOS Board Elections

If you are EGOS member, please remember to vote for the EGOS board. To vote in the EGOS Board Election 2018, please follow these instructions by Angelika Zierer:

   (i) Log in to "MyEGOS" using your EGOS member number or email address + your password.
   (ii) Click on "EGOS Board Election 2018" in the MyEGOS menu (left-hand side navigation).
   (iii) The next window displays the rules and regulations of EGOS Board elections. --- PLEASE note: You have as many votes as there are seats available. This means that, in the EGOS Board Election 2018, you will have TWO votes. You do not have to use both votes; however, you cannot give more than one vote to any one candidate.
   (iv) To view the candidates' statements, please scroll down and click on the link "Review the candidates".
   (v) Select the statement you wish to view by clicking on the name of the candidate. You will be taken to the corresponding statement. Once you have read through this, you can click on the link "Back to overview" to return to the list of candidates.
   (vi) When you are ready to cast your vote, click on the link "Proceed to vote".
   (vii) To vote, please select the candidate(s) of your choice by selecting the check box next to the candidate's name and confirm your vote. --- Remember that you have two votes!
   (viii) When you are happy with your choice, click on the "Vote Now" button.
   (ix) In the next window, you will see a message asking you to confirm your vote. If this is the case, click on the "Confirm Vote Now". If you want to change your vote, please use the "Back" button on your browser. --- PLEASE note: Once you have confirmed your vote, it will not be possible to change it again!
   (x) When you have confirmed your vote, you will see a confirmation message on-screen.
   (xi) Voting in EGOS elections is entirely confidential, this means: it is not possible to trace back to who has voted for whom.
   (xii) Once you have voted, your voting status in "MyEGOS Home" will change from "EGOS Board Election 2018" to "You have already cast your vote in this election".