New Institutionalism - 19th Workshop Jena 2024
Program of the New Institutional Workshop 2017

Welcome to New Institutionalism Workshop 2017, hosted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

This 13th annual gathering, like the New Institutionalism Network in general, serves
as a platform for scholars interested in new institutionalism. Our aim is to develop a common “knowledge bank” on new institutionalist organization theory. To this aim we gather for these two days of discussions of current developments, both in terms of theory and empirical research, and work to promote the exchange of
ideas and research cooperation.

The attached document offers details about the program of the workshop.
Participation in the workshop requires registration, which could be done onsite.
Registration fees are: $160 for faculty and $55 for students. Fees cover
participation in all workshop activities, including workshop dinner.

If you have any question or concerns, write us at