New Institutionalism - 17th Workshop Madrid 2021
Launch of the „Microfoundations of Institutions“ Network

Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), 15 scholars from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have launched a scientific network on the “microfoundations of institutions.”


The network seeks to stimulate and promote scholarly exchange on the microfoundations of institutions through the organization of four workshops in which network members will discuss various facets of the microfoundational research agenda. The first workshop will be devoted to a cognitive perspective on microfoundations, the second to a behavioral perspective, and the third to a communicative perspective. The fourth workshop will provide a systematic reflection on the potentials for integrating aspects of the former three. Internationally renowned guest speakers will be invited to the workshops to present their ideas and insights on the microfoundations of institutions. The network’s senior researchers will offer expertise and guidance to junior researchers in carrying out microfoundational research projects. The network welcomes inquiries from interested scholars who work or intend to work on the micro-foundations of institutions. Network meetings will be open to a limited number of these scholars provided that external funding is secured. Please access the network’s website.