New Institutionalism - 18th Workshop Toruń 2023
Registration for NIW 2017 in Jerusalem now open!

Hosted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the 2017 annual workshop of the New Institutionalism Network gathers as an open forum for conversation on New Institutionalism in Organization Theory. Following the tradition of NIW, this 13th workshop of New Institutionalism Network does not have a specific thematic focus and it is not about presenting polished papers that have already been submitted to major international journals. Rather, the workshop is intended to bring together kindred spirits from different disciplines, countries, and academic systems that share an interest in pushing forward theoretical and/or empirical frontiers of institutional research.

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Keynote Speaker
John Mohr, University of California, Santa Barbara

Local Organizer
Gili S. Drori, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

HUJI Advisory Committee
Amalya Oliver, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tammar Zilber, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

HUJI Workshop Administrators
Moran Elgrassi
Agnes Arbeli

New Institutionalism Network Initiators
Georg Krücken, University of Kassel
Renate Meyer, WU Wien & Copenhagen Business School
Peter Walgenbach, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena