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Call for Abstracts - 6th LAEMOS Conference - April 6-9 2016, Viña del Mar, Chile

We would like to draw your attention to the Call for abstracts for the 6th LAEMOS conference that will take place between the 6th and 9th of April 2016 in Viña del Mar, Chile. LAEMOS is the premier conference on Latin American and European Organization Studies. Its purpose is to strengthen the Latin America-Europe scholarly link by encouraging interdisciplinary studies of organizations in Latin American and European societies. The conference takes place every two years and it's previous editions have been held in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Cuba.

Conference Theme:
"Subverting organizations: Reflecting on aims, meanings and modalities of organizing"

Submission of abstract:
Please submit your extended abstract of maximum 1,000 words by November 10th 2015 here


To see descriptions of the available sub-themes & conveners please visit:
Sub-theme 01: 
Alternative forms of organising or just capitalism expanding itself
Conveners: Marcus Vinicius P. Gomes, Mário Aquino Alves, Heike Doering, Luciano Barin-Cruz

Sub-theme 02: 
Decolonizing Organization Studies: in search of a New Bandung
Conveners:  Sadhvi Dar, Alex Faria, Pablo Islas Madariaga, Nidhi Srinivas

Sub-theme 03: 
Freedom vs. Equality?  Disorganization and Subversion in Capitalist Democracy,
Conveners: Juan Espinosa-Cristia, Javier Hernández, Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes

Sub-theme 04: 
History in Everyday Lives and Practices of Organizing
Conveners:  Amon Barros, Alexandre de Padua Carrieri, Bill Cooke, Ana Silvia Rocha Ipiranga, Rory Miller

Sub-theme 05
Is there a Community Time Warp? Customs, Morality, and Social Change in Indigenous and Virtual Communities
Conveners:  Tomislav Rimac, María-del-Carmen Alarcón-del-Amo, María José Fernández Aldecua, Georgiana-Catalina Nitulescu

Sub-theme 06: 
Networked Movements – Resisting Power without Formal Organization
Conveners:  Clemens Apprich, Armin Beverungen, Mikko Laamanen, Maarit Laihonen, Rodrigo Nunes

Sub-theme 07: 
Organizational Responses to Precarious Institutional Environments: The Case of Latin America
Conveners:  Ricardo Flores, Ruth V. Aguilera, and  Markus A. Höllerer

Sub-theme 08: 
Organization and the Ethics of Office
Conveners:  Paul du Gay, Vicente Sisto, Kirstine Zinck Pedersen, Anne Roelsgaard Obling, Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth

Sub-theme 09: 
Performing openess and practicing ‘minga’ in government, education and software development
Conveners:  Juliane Jarke, Raoni Rajão

Sub-theme 10: 
Subverting Corruption
Conveners:  David Arellano-Gault, Lynne Baxter, Toru Kiyomiya, Thomas Taro Lennerfors

Sub-theme 11: 
The neoliberal state and its socio-ecological crises: Organizing resistances, subversions & alternatives
Conveners:  Steffen Böhm, Ana C Dinerstein, Cristián Alarcón Ferrari, Yuna Fontoura, Rajiv Maher, Francisco Valenzuela"

Sub-theme 12:
The organization of Multiple and Contested modes of Valuation
Conveners:  TomásAriztía,  Juan Felipe Espinosa, Christian Frankel, José Ossandón, Trine Pallesen

Sub-theme 13: 
The Organizational Politics of Entrepreneurship
Conveners:  Daniel Hjorth, Robin Holt, Pablo Fernandez

Sub-theme 14: 
The Regulation of Work, Employment and Organisation
Conveners:  Jenny K Rodriguez, Gregorio Perez Arrau, Jacob Carlos Lima, Anabella Davila

Important Deadlines:
Abstract submission (1.000 words): November 10, 2015
Notification of acceptance: December 10, 2015
Submission of full paper (6.000 words): March 10, 2016

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Best Wishes and see you in Chile
Sophia Tzagaraki
LAEMOS Confrence administrator