New Institutionalism - 17th Workshop Madrid 2021
Scancor Symposium on Institutional Analysis

31st Aug. – 4th Sep. 2015,
Lyon Public Lecture

As part of the SCANCOR Symposium on Institutional Analysis, a series of public lectures will be held every morning.Everyone is welcome to attend, free of charge. All sessions will be held at Mama Shelter, 13 rue Domer, 69007 Lyon.

The closest subway station is Jean Macé on line B (a mere 3-minute walk from Mama Shelter).

Should you want to book a room at Mama Shelter and/or book a seat to join us for lunch after a morning lecture, please email Alice Ferraris and Typhaine Grisard:,

Please note that afternoon workshop sessions are not open to the public.

Public Lecture Series
Mon. 31 Aug., 9:30-12:30 • Institutions and materiality
Walter W. Powell, Stanford University
Bernard Forgues, EMLYON Business School

Tue. 1 Sep., 9:30-12:30 • Institutions in historical perspective
Victoria Johnson, University of Michigan
Grégoire Croidieu, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Wed. 2 Sep., 9:30-12:30 • Institutions and STS
Jason Owen-Smith, University of Michigan
Phillipe Monin, EMLYON Business School

Thu. 3 Sep, 9:30-12:30 • Institutions and hybrids
Patricia Bromley, University of Utah
Anne-Claire Pache, ESSEC

Fri. 4 Sep, 9:30-12:30 • Institutions and economic sociology
Bruce Carruthers, Northwestern University
Marie Laure Djelic, ESSEC

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