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Institutional Work Is Hard to Do

Keynote speech by Barbara Czarniawska March 14th, 9th Workshop Warsaw 2013

Barbara Czarniawska published a new book "Cyberfactories: How News Agencies Produce News"):

"Have you ever wondered how organizations decide which news is important? This insightful book portrays in detail everyday work in three news agencies: Swedish TT, Italian ANSA and the worldwide Reuters. This unique study is about organizing rather than journalism, revealing two accelerating phenomena: cybernization (machines play a more and more central role in news production) and cyborgization (people rely more and more on machines). Barbara Czarniawska reveals that technological developments lead to many unexpected consequences and complications. Cyberfactories will prove essential to researchers interested in contemporary forms of organizing, studies of technology, and media. It will also appeal to a lay reader interested in how news is produced." (Amazon book cover)