New Institutionalism - 14th Workshop Milan 2018

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German Community: Programm der Sektion Organisationssoziologie 20/21. April 2017 (4/18/17)
Im Anhang finden Sie das Programm der Veranstaltung der Sektion Organisationssoziologie am 20. und 21. April 2017 in Hamburg unter dem Titel: "Perspektiven des Neo-Institutionalismus: Innenansichten und Außenansichten". more...
A day of talks about moods and feelings in organisations and institutions (3/24/17)
18 May, 2017, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Leicester, College Court, organized by Elke Weik, John Cromby, and Eda Ulus with keynotes by Emma Bell, Steven D. Brown, Kate Kenny, and Paul Stenner. more...
Program of the New Institutional Workshop 2017 (2/28/17)
Welcome to New Institutionalism Workshop 2017, hosted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. more...
CfP: Finance as a response to global environmental crises? Critical analysis of the ‘economicization’ of carbon emissions and biodiversity (2/13/17)
A conference hosted by the Centre for Globalisation and Governance, Universität Hamburg, Germany, Dates: 29 Nov-1 Dec 2017
Conveners: Eve Chiapello (EHESS Paris) and Anita Engels (Universität Hamburg)
Submission deadline for paper proposals: 22 May 2017 more...
Launch of the „Microfoundations of Institutions“ Network (2/8/17)
Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), 15 scholars from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have launched a scientific network on the “microfoundations of institutions.” more...
At the 15th Scancor PhD workshop on Institutional Analysis international faculty will present current research, review recent papers, and discuss new methodological tools that deepen the institutional agenda. Special attention is given to institutional emergence, persistence, and transformation. We also emphasize methods of comparative, archival, and network analysis. Finally, we tackle issues involving contestation and strife around institutions and organizations. more...
Call for the Fifth Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management (4th-5th May 2017) (1/13/17)
The Fifth Austrian Early Scholars Workshop in Management is an opportunity for advanced PhD students and academics in early career stages to present and discuss their research with colleagues and professors from international and Austrian universities. In addition to facilitating intellectual exchange, this workshop aims to develop a global network of early career scholars interested in institutional, organizational and behavioral perspectives within management and organizational studies. (Deadline: March 1st) more...
Registration for NIW 2017 in Jerusalem now open! (12/17/16)
Hosted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the 2017 annual workshop of the New Institutionalism Network gathers as an open forum for conversation on New Institutionalism in Organization Theory. Following the tradition of NIW, this 13th workshop of New Institutionalism Network does not have a specific thematic focus and it is not about presenting polished papers that have already been submitted to major international journals. Rather, the workshop is intended to bring together kindred spirits from different disciplines, countries, and academic systems that share an interest in pushing forward theoretical and/or empirical frontiers of institutional research. more...
German Community: Perspektiven des Neo-Institutionalismus: Innenansichten und Außenansichten (12/17/16)
Abstract bis 31.1.2017

Der soziologische Neo-Institutionalismus gilt als eine der produktivsten Theorierichtungen der Organisationsforschung. Wenngleich er primär – oder gar ausschließlich – durch soziologische Konzepte geprägt und weiterentwickelt worden ist, scheint sein Verhältnis zur Soziologie nach
wie vor ungeklärt. Während er im Rahmen der interdisziplinären Organisationsforschung als Sammelbecken für ein breites Spektrum soziologischer Einsichten dient, gilt er für viele innerhalb der Soziologie als spezifischer Ansatz. more...
EGOS Subtheme 56: Institutional Theory - Taking Stock and Re-Tooling (Gili Drori, Renate Meyer, Tammar Zilber) (12/13/16)
Deadline for Submissions: January 9th 2017

We intend for discussions to wrestle anew with the epistemology of institutionalization across various social levels, sectors, and regions and locales and to the ontology of institutions in relation to the place that identity and materiality, as both constructs and processes, take in institutions. We welcome papers that offer new methods of institutional analysis, as well as papers that provide fresh insights for classic formulations. We invite colleagues to contribute to this discussion with essays and research that offer a vision of the conceptual, empirical and methodological trajectories of institutional theory. more...
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